Masons' Hall 1785

Over Two Centuries of History

Standing Proudly in Richmond, Virginia Since 1785


Of $60,000 Needed For Paint and Exterior Restoration

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Masons’ Hall 1785 is a charitable foundation organized to assist in the renovation, restoration, and preservation of Masons’ Hall.  Masons’ Hall was constructed 1785 to 1787, and has a unique architectural significance as one of the oldest intact Virginia Structures dating from the colonial period, with a unique interior.  The historical significance is prominent; several founding fathers and the site of meetings of the Virginia delegates to the Constitutional Convention, served as a hospital during the War of 1812, saved during April 1865 by the advancing Union Army, who posted armed guards at three locations in Richmond (The State Capitol, home of Mrs. Robert E. Lee at 707 East Franklin Street, and Masons’ Hall)

Construction of Masons’ Hall was planned and supervised by Edmund Randolph, a founding father from Virginia, Served as First Attorney General of the United States and as Governor of Virginia.  Masons’ Hall served as the first office of John Marshall, longest serving Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.  In its earliest years this building hosted the last performance of Edgar Allen Poe’s mother, was used to conduct worship service, and hosted one of the Courts of Law in Richmond.


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